Rose colored glasses (Love from memory-part 3)

I love how you always level the playing field,

how open your mind is, even when you are in pain.

I love the little wickedness that you parade, and the wealth of good that you hide,

Illustration downloaded from a Pinterest account

I love how your humility and sense of Justice is not loud, but instinctively bubbles from inside. . .

I love you for your sense of purpose, how much moving forward means to you, I love to see you win, and hate how loss robs you of joy, and hurts your heart. . .your precious heart. . .

I love how you always rise and move forward, I love watching you, almost fear getting too close to you, fearing I might rob you of what makes you you . . .

I love how I am sure you can interpret all the nuance in my words, my gestures, my actions.

I love how my contrariness never fazes you, you remain un disconcerted.

Did I tell you? How when you are happy I can spend all day listening to you. . .

Annamarike Teijema

Did I tell you that your presence dispels all the ghosts, all the fear, any anxiety, you walk in with strength, and I am left better for it.

Did I also tell you that I still love you even when bitterness invades you, soaks every inch of you, destabilizes your belief system, and hurts you to your core. . . I genuinely believe that you can rise above all this, that if you choose to, you will win.

Art by, Navena Kostic @, downloaded from a Pinterest Account

I know you can win, I know you will win . . . don’t ask how I know. . . I do not know how I know, I just do. . . or maybe I believe. . . yes I believe you will win.

image downloaded from a Pinterest account

Chivalry can’t be dead!! 🤩🦸🏾

as always 💞 hope

By Ruth Mgendi

I have an appreciation for words, the power words have to uplift, build, create, without words we would not be able to convey intent or meaning to each other.

I am also a legal researcher, lover of comics, art, color, stories, adventure and beauty. Above all I appreciate and respect life, the body, the mind and the soul.
I seek a higher connectivity and understanding of the co-existence between these three parts of life and hope to share this journey with any other learner.
I hope this forum will be interactive, positive and above all I hope it adds value in some way to those that read and interact.

Hope Nyambura is my attempt at a pen name, so. . . indulge my pink and golden bubble :-)

Thank you!

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