Earthly Home

My Farmer, he loves his family, his land, his farm, his friends, his pick-up truck. . . he is loved by God, his community, his church. . .

He has added one more love. . . me!

He is my third love, and he will be my last love. My love for him is different, unlike my previous shaky, anxious loves, the love that grows inside me for him feels strong, well guided and properly placed. . . like a harmonious orchestra.  

I am so happy, the peace he fills me with is Godly, something I cannot explain, watching him makes me determined to be better, to try at the impossible. 

When his serious, gentle, intelligent eyes rest on me, I am inspired, determined, he is the sort of man you want to follow, a man whose legacy you want to add to, to protect, my husband, who is meek at heart, strong and brave inside and out. 

My heart has found her earthly home and my mind has found her partner. 

His love is not loud, anxious or insistent,

His love is gentle, honest, kind, generous. . . a quiet, stable love, a love that exists with the promise of commitment and constancy.

A gracious love founded on Christ, a love that does not inspire an anxious need to please but one that inspires a determination to grow, to be better, to bring value. 

His laugh though is loud, all encompassing, he carries you along with it, a generous full laugh. 

It feels like he has an endless reserve of love and life, a determination, self-awareness, accountability and empathy. He is responsibility, a husband I must be careful with, for I know that God will also hold me accountable, for she who is given much, from her much is expected. 

So I pray and I strive to be a Godly wife, to bring him warmth and order, to help him diminish what is not worthy, and grow what is worthy. To listen to him, so that we can be a cohesive team.

I know his secret, why he is constant, I love to dance around him, it is a dance that flows out from my own reserve of love, it delights him and draws us closer.

He knows his own mind. How he laughed at my detractors, at the malice of those that hated me, at my own sometimes skewed self-portrait, I held my heart in but it flew out in love and tears as he laughed in their faces, took my hand and together we walked away, towards our God ordained sunset.

I am determined to make this work, pouring in all of me that is worthy of praise and surrendering to God what is not, asking God daily for His guidance, His leading, so that I am an exceptional wife to my loving, Godly husband. God continues to strengthen him and build him, his value blooms as his courage is unshakable.

His respect in the community is rightly given, for he is inside as he is outside. A proverbs 31 husband. 

How God has loved us, His gentle leading has led us, loved us. . . protected us. The love of God is our foundation, and my love’s secret to warmth.

Life will be tumultuous but people do not have to be tumultuous. 

He is unshaken by this world, its growing confusion and anarchy, the foundation of his faith and hope is our Lord Jesus Christ, a foundation that is unshakable, he is my love, my God given love. 

A dedication to Christian wives, a reminder of who we are, and who we can be. 

For Faith, Lucy and Ruth; may God guide you and watch over your coming and going, give you wisdom, hope and love, so that your lives are filled with indestructible Godly Joy, and produce the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

The farm truck, Lucia Verdejo