There is so much life around us, so much to learn! so much responsibility, and with our environment especially the value that you add to it, it gives back to you, simple example, at home, your house, and the surrounding vicinity, keeping that clean, clears up your own mind, and a clearer mind makes better decisions. That is a Super simple way that a well organized environment is giving back to you after putting in some little effort. As Africans it`s so sad the funny relationship we have with our environment, a relationship steeped with issues, insecurity and a poor attitude overall. We have, some of us, believed the lie that a clean environment is affluence, so we settle, keep our houses clean then leave the outside to other people, the county workers, the help at home. . . I made a commitment to myself to never litter regardless of the area I was passing through, even when everyone else is littering at the side of the road, I carry my litter in my bag and dispose it at a rubbish bin. That’s a fairly easy commitment, it asks no extra effort from you, just simple discipline. If even half the country made this simple decision, and committed mentally to it, the change would be tremendous and sustainable. We hear environmental sustainability and some of us think. . . eeh not my problem, or I have no idea where to start, honestly its just an attitude change, fixing our approach towards litter, we can start small, then progress to say, clean energy? We will never understand why we do not need Nuclear Energy, if we can`t relate to the basics, e.g cleaning up after ourselves, living litter free! Back to nuclear energy though, real talk, considering we are the last frontier of natural resource! and that we do not have seasons of changing weather, our sun is as regular as a period! *well some cycles anyway*

Why don’t we exploit these natural resources A lot more!? Yes it`s expensive,. . . a good investment is never cheap, it batters you financially and psychologically, but the benefits, oh those benefits. Yet. . . lets go the tried and tested way right? *sarcasm*, let us try nuclear energy. . .the one form of energy that is risk free! and that no other country that has, is desperately trying to get rid off!! Not to call us idiots, but the main reason we are ‘third world’ isn`t so that we compete like a ‘1st world’ but that we mine lessons from the failures of the 1st world and CHART OUR OWN PATH. *pardon the aggressive tone if you can please* that’s why potentially being a last born is so great, *chuckles* you get to watch all who came before you, learn, then boldly chart your own path. Being the last is an opportunity to finally became the best. . . again. . . potentially, depending on the attitude we are willing to adopt.
Anyway back to litter and the environmental issues ‘closer to home’, making a choice to treat your environment better is more of an intrinsic change first. A change that might need the following, 1. some level of humility and 2. lots of self love. I believe individuals that litter fall on these two categories whether informed or not. 1. those that are arrogant and approach the environment with a cavalier attitude, expecting it to bend to their needs, I remember one time walking around Mombasa town, seeing this young man, step out of his car carrying a Java coffee house, RECYCLEABLE! coffee cup, then throwing it into the drainage at the side of the road, A drainage that was already blocked, honestly! between Java Nyali and smack inside Mvita no litterbin was available? and shame on you! honestly when you have the resources to act better and choose not to. . . my self-righteous self wanted to scream at him! haha yes I say self-righteous because I have also committed my sins against the environment, and remembering keeps me humble.

2. Severe! lack of self love, yes, loving yourself triggers the need to preserve people and the Environment around you, self love equals higher levels of empathy, higher empathy levels equals sensitivity and awareness and ultimately a higher form of enlightenment. . . I won’t touch on being uninformed and illiteracy. . . those are excuses we use so that we can blame other people overtly! for our own covert, secret misdemeanors. Pointing fingers would be the easier way out *said she whilst pointing a finger herself, the irony isn’t lost on me. . . though. . .I promise it is a little finger*. . . The truth is that we have a skewed attitude that is focused on short term goals such as Monetary Wealth. . yes I said it, and runs away from that long term commitment to actually change our country, . . . that is why you will drive past that rubbish heap smack in the middle of town haraka sana, can’t get to the leafy surburbs fast enough, (remember when we called them that,) and you have capacity to make change and/or push and lobby for it. It is so paradoxical really, and hilarious in a sad, scary way, actually, how we drive on the same terrible roads, complain about them and do nothing, the same rubbish! and do nothing! the same bad drainage and do nothing! if you have influence as an African Man or Woman of enlightenment use it! don’t be too busy trying to protect your relationships, trying stay in the club, honestly chances are, if you are all honest with each other, you all suffer the same fears and doubts, just be the leader we need and leave a better world for the people coming after you, otherwise you can be sure somewhere down the line, a descendant of yours will suffer that fate you drive away from at top speed!! be better, then be happier, then more productive, then add value, and the circle of holistic growth comes full circle!
The ramblings of the young. . . ish? romantic, idealist come to an end. May the pragmatic feel influenced and endeavor to give ideas practicality. Otherwise if you can do something to make our little world better . . . just do it!

I was inspired by this video, I thought to accompany it with the piece above.

Before I sign out, I feel it important to point out that our classification as a third world isn’t the most equitable. Let us not forget that those that are classified as first world, have had years and years dedicated to growth, change and development. (I leave out conveniently slavery, colonialization, the exploitation of natural resources in colonies, the resulting brain drain and scamper to get ahead triggered in Africans, negative/toxic competition. . . its a layered subject truly. . .these complexities though are enough proof that we very well have a fighting chance, all we need is the fresh wind of change-in form of radical change in attitude)

in summary the developed world has tried different ways to get better, made errors and improved on them, developed basically over time, their success has come from finding solutions for problems unique to them . . . (we can learn from that and find originality in our approach, let go of the tried and tested and find our path?) anyway we are TODDLERS in comparison, so no need to adopt and accept ‘third world’ as an identity. It is merely a season and a time, there is ample capacity to be better as a country, as a continent, all the challenges we face are surmountable. If Asia is doing it, we can and we will also do it, and maybe just maybe, do it better.

Thank you,




black ballerina, image from Etsy.

. . . I want to kiss you, but I find emptiness. . .,

I hold your face in my hands, look into your eyes, trying to find her, instead I see emptiness. . .

Gele painting by Gbenga Orimoloye, from Pinterest.

Where is she my love, . . . Where have you hidden my woman of valor, my woman of remorse, my woman of feeling,

Where have you hidden my hardworking woman, my woman of passion, my woman of strength, . . . Or was she never there?

Painting by Viktorija lapteva, downloaded from Pinterest

I miss my woman. . .

I doubt my woman. . .

All is empty,

Your words are empty, your laugh full of malice, your eyes full of craft.

I can no longer see my woman. . . When I look at you, I start to doubt if there was really ‘my woman’ . . .or was I reflecting my own ideals into empty eyes.

Yet my heart still bleeds for the woman I believed there was. . . As I look at you through my rose colored glasses. . .



It is morning again, the light hurts my eyes as I try to open them, is she still asleep? . . . no . . . I can hear her whistling. . . then humming,

I feel peace flood my heart, a euphoric dam bursting with joy . . . that fine clear, happy tune, welcomes a great, intimate Sunday morning. She enjoys making breakfast on relaxed, quiet mornings, she says its therapeutic.

The scents from the spices, the crackling of the onions in the frying pan, the heady, sweet slightly pungent scent of fried garlic, the fresh, sharp scent of the herbs and zest of the fresh lemon and orange shavings. . . breakfast smells soo good. . . I can smell the sharp, inviting scent of spiced tea, the ndumas’ boiling, are those fried eggs I smell? . . . no, that’s the French toast she loves to make, I smile, she went all out. What day is this anyway? Haha. . . I laugh at myself. . . the week has been rough, exhausting, I welcome a weekend of hearty breakfast and some sleep. . . why won’t she stop the whistling? . . . probably my cue to go join her.
I throw off the sheet and sit on bed, whoa! I’m overwhelmed by extreme dizziness, why I’m I feeling so tired? . . . my stomach hurts so much I’m nauseous . . . My head starts to swim. . . ‘Andrew, Andrew. . .’ I can hear her soft voice calling, it’s starting to fade. . . the last rain cloud after a rare outpouring of rain in a dessert,. . . her voice starts to sound rough, angry . . . distorted. . . why can’t I see her? I try and grab on to my bed-post, my hands catch nothing but the bare air, my arms start to flail uncontrollably around me, I’m trying to latch on to something for support . . . What’s happening to me! It gets darker around the frame of my vision, blurred shapes are moving around me, the harsh sounds of frustration and panic grow louder. . . that’s not her voice though, its someone else’s, there’s some commotion. . . the darkness takes over completely and that extreme panic at lose of control is replaced by a sudden burst of euphoric peace again, . . . I smile. . .

My eyes are struggling to open. . . they are glued shut. . . I make another valiant effort. . . it’s a battle between my will and my eyes now, I will them to open, . . . the effort is exhausting, I’ve run 7KMs trying to get them to open, where I’m I? I hear voices, one similar to the gruff one from earlier and another softer one. . . my sister? What is she doing here? I haven’t seen her in years, this is great! Asali will be so happy. . .where is Asali? And why can’t I clearly hear my sister? I call out to her, but no sound is forthcoming. Why do both the voices sound so somber?
‘How long has he been like this. . . ?’ the gruff voice asks,
‘He’s been in and out since the Service.’ The soft one answers.

The gruff voice continues. . . ‘He was severely dehydrated. . . that should explain the hallucinations. . .’
The soft voice continues, ‘he’s been smiling a lot, telling me I’m burning the onions. . . ?’
‘yes yes!’ the gruff voice harshly continues, ‘sensory hallucinations’ ‘the drip should fix that, he’s body needs hydration and nutrients,. . . are you still giving him the Tricyclic injections?`
`every now and then when he asks for them`
Releasing his breath suddenly

‘you should follow the prescription!!’. . . ‘and he should be getting better. . . ‘he finishes off more softly. . . ‘he should be getting better. . .’

The voices start to fade and an awful horrifying memory bursts through my consciousness,

the young student interrupting my lecture with a note, . . . then I start to view the memory from an aerial angle, I see myself walk into the staff wing. . . the Dean meeting me at the foot of the flight of stairs, leading to her mezzanine office, how she held out her hands, tears streaming down her cheeks, the words, the ensuing commotion, running into the hospital. . . the shock after hearing the doctor’s words. . . the quiet from disbelief and denial. . . lastly the discombobulating, out of body conversations with everyone after,

‘It was so sudden Andrew, we were laughing, she turned to cross the road. . .’

‘That driver . . . he lost control. . .’ words, words, many words. . . And tears, I tasted salt in every hug, . . . I didn’t want people to leave. . . I didn’t want them to stay either.

I had to give her a fitting send off, this sense of purpose came with euphoria and adrenaline that lasted the week, after her burial . . . all strength abandoned me. . .

Here I am, with a body wanting to sweat off its memories, fighting to go on. . .

I can’t see her but I hear her, I feel her presence. . . It’s my only source of warmth.



No poem this week, but a bunch of lessons,

1. The sun will always rise. . . When you are caught up in situations of instability, and you can’t seem to latch on, focus on the one sure thing. . . So long as you are still alive, . . . the sun will rise.

2. Find the stillness within yourself,

when the noise outside is too loud. . . listen selectively. . . even to the voice in your own head, that voice can also lie to us, it is not always factual, sometimes it listens to our distorted emotions. Filter all the noise, because as we grow older, voices that attempt to influence us grow as well, it will get noisy, we need to be selective, to focus on the voice that encourages us to be better, to add value,. . . then let the rest go.

3. Learn not to rely too much on peoples’ sense of justice and/or goodness, rather try and instead focus on what we can do at any one time. Focus on doing better, then it won’t matter how loud our surroundings are.

Remember that you cannot entirely fault people and fault yourself, most humans can only relate to other humans to the extent of their own experiences. The views of most will likely be one spectrum, extending to ourselves and the range of our experiences.

4. Find your Centre, that one place where you can be yourself, that shield when things are confusing or difficult. . . because they will get difficult at some point.
-My Centre has always been my faith, my belief in God, and the relationship we are both working on. This Centre is my shield, my help, my love. . . I trust my Centre when I can trust nothing else, even when I betray myself and do things that hurt other people, when I need forgiveness and the strength to bounce back.
It is this Centre I hold on to.

4. I guess lastly would be forgiveness, it’s a bit paradoxical this one (shaking my head) but forgiveness is the fruit of life (hands raised emoji).

Forgiveness is protection from a negative or/and toxic environment. It’s not really about letting someone get away with it, in so much as it is about not letting people pull you into their own darkness. Forgiveness clears your own mind, allowing you to objectively analyze a situation, place responsibility on the right parties, account for your own conduct and swiftly move on, be it towards self improvement or away from toxicity.

Hope Nyambura.


I envy the decisive (love from memory part 1)

I envy your strong strides,

How good you look in jeans. . . You carry them, they don’t carry you. I envy how sure your laugh is, how you clearly state what you want,

I miss watching you stride beside me, your steps strong and sure,

How your strength made me feel stronger.

I envy your Independence,

How you never stop trying,

I envy how you make everyone around you happier, how the lights look brighter when you walk into a room,

I envy the memory, of the strength I felt when you held my hand, how confident I felt knowing I was part of a team.

I envy the memory of our talks, how you managed to untangle the cobwebs of unresolved thought, how you helped the unscripted, raw thoughts morph into butterfly ideas, how my worries felt alittle less dounting.

I envy how you are not afraid of sorrow, how you stand firm and offer comfort, but know when to leave and recharge.

I envy the memory of your belief in my ability, how you refused to tolerate mediocrity, because you knew I could do better. . . I envy the memory of knowing that I was loved, even without it being said.

Above all I envy how you are not pretentious, how you say what you mean and mean what you say.

I envy the decisive.

Image from a Pinterest account